Shanghai Stories

The writer and publicist Bettina Spoerri and the photographer and video producer Miklós Klaus Rózsa come for one month to Shanghai in 2020 to make a research for their multimedia project «Anna in Shanghai». This project is on the first level a novel – written by writer Bettina Spoerri – in which one of the protagonists, an art curator, lives in Shanghai, on the second level it is an online project in the form of a multimedia website with pictures, videos, texts, combined with interactive possibilities.


Bettina Spoerri and Miklós Klaus Rózsa, both based in Zurich, began to work together in early 2018 with different projects which combine literary texts and photography, videos, events, and multimedia. Their publication «Zürich – Abseits der Pfade» (Vienna, october 2019) on off spaces in the Swiss town of Zurich brings together texts and photographs. The book is accompanied by the website, where the artists work with observations and experiences made in selected other spaces and cities, like Budapest, and Tel Aviv. Another project is the dialogue between short stories and photographs about the life of people in Tel Aviv. The question how culture spaces in towns are shaped, defined, gentrified or changed, stands in the centre of their research and artistic reflections. 


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